Leaf Play

A long, strange week is winding down for us.  My Uncle Gary died early Wednesday morning, surrounded by family.  It has been hard to let him go, but I am so thankful to have had him in my life and my girls' lives.  We have spent the week marvelling at the thin, fragile thread that separates life and death, laughter and tears and are just amazed by it all.

I came home from work today with my head full of to-do lists - make dinner, fix food for a school event tomorrow, get Kate to violin lessons, pack.  But once dinner was in the oven, I heard laughter outside and went to investigate.  I found Katherine and Rachel and the neighbor kids playing in the leaves.  They looked like the King and Queens of Fall!
I love the way my kids remind me to take time to smell the roses.  And play in the leaves.