what's keeping me busy

I’m popping in to briefly tell you what’s happening in my world. I have a new love, and he’s keeping me very busy. 



His name is Bleu.


You wouldn’t know by looking at these images, but he’s a bit of a handful. He wants his meals to arrive at the same time each day. In spite of the fact that he has access to 5 million toys and 2 million raw hide bones, he still manages to chew things he shouldn’t. (The new space heater I bought two weeks ago has a cord that’s in three pieces.) My daughter is out two pairs of flip flops (I’m glad his tastes are cheap where shoes are concerned). He snacks on poop any chance he gets. He’s slowly tunneling his way to China through our backyard. He flunked kindergarten class by lunging aggressively toward an innocent little puppy. Remember Marley and Me?

He follows me everywhere. He’s so happy to see me when I’m away for a couple hours, or minutes, you’d think he hasn’t seen me in weeks. (Think of those videos of soldiers returning home.) He loves me unconditionally. He warms my side of the bed before I get in, then after he has had sufficient cuddle time, moves to the foot of the bed, where he sleeps all night. He wakes up every morning with the most amazing enthusiasm for life like I’ve witnessed in no human ever. 

Bleu is smart as a whip. I taught him to sit, lay down, stay, and leave-it by the time he was just ten weeks old. When it comes to encounters with desirable objects other than doggie treats, we have a little ways to go. I do know he is capable, the challenge is getting past his stubborn streak.


Bleu’s goofy smile has the ability to warm my heart, and I love him to pieces!